Grow your wealth with farmland investments

Beat inflation and stock market volatility with a tangible alternative asset.

How accredited investors benefit from fractional farmland investments

Investing with TerraGen offers you two avenues for returns:

Increase in land value image
Increases in land value

As the demand for farmland continues to rise with population growth and food demand, the value of your farmland investment appreciates.

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Farmland rents

Similar to dividends, farmers who lease our farmland provide you with rental income. Your investment not only supports local agriculture but can also generate a stream of income.

It also protects your wealth through:

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Portfolio diversification

Farmland is mostly non-correlated to other investment assets, creating some degree of separation from the rest of your portfolio.

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Low volatility

Past low volatility is a reassuring indicator, signalling a reduced risk of losses during economic turbulence, safeguarding your wealth effectively.

30 Years of land value appreciation

Average % change in farmland values

Farmland has historically gained in value and demonstrated its stability.

Over the last 30 years, farmland values across Canada have consistently risen, outpacing many other investments.

As the fifth-largest food exporter globally, Canada's agriculture industry is poised for continued growth due to population expansion and increased food demand.

This trend underscores the potential for farmland appreciation, making it an attractive addition to your investment portfolio.

Unlock the power of the Prairies

Increasing Average Yields

Wheat (Excluding Durum)
Source: StatsCan
Increasing crop yields and growing farm cash receipts show the potential of this agricultural powerhouse.

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta hold a dominant 82.3% of Canada's farmland, totaling 51.2 million hectares. These provinces, with their rich soil and vast land, have historically increased in value due to strong crop yields and rising global demand.

Canada is the fifth-largest exporter of agri-food in the world, behind the EU, U.S., Brazil, and China.

Increasing Farm Cash Receipts

Wheat (Excluding Durum)
Source: StatsCan

Farm cash receipts represent the gross revenue for farms across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. They reflect the performance and marketability of crops cultivated in the Prairies.

The trend is indicative of robust farming operations, adapting to market conditions and capitalizing on global demand.

Farmland vs. the stock market

Farmland appreciation vs. S&P TSX Composite Index

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A stable alternative that outpaces stock market volatility.

Historical data reveals that farmland values have exhibited lower volatility compared to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and better returns than other asset types.

Even during economic downturns, farmland continued to appreciate, offering an alternative for preserving and growing your wealth.

How it works

Farm selection

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The farming industry is in a state of transition, and with that, farms are being sold all across North America.  We search for opportunities to purchase farms that have potential for growth.


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When you see a property that sparks your interest, select the property and choose an amount you’re comfortable investing.

Farm management & administration

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TerraGen handles all aspects of administration and property management.

Rent distribution

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When investments generate additional annual rental income, TerraGen will distribute it to investors.

Sell your shares

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We partner with our Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) to create liquidity for you and enable you to sell your shares.

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